Learn flyfishing 1

Here is what I believe about learning fly fishing.

Lately I’ve had the awesome opportunity to learn from some serious pro fly fishermen (and ladies) why they love fly fishing so much and why it is so special for them. Hearing these stories has made one thing clear.

More people should have the chance to learn fly fishing.

Therefore I thought to share my own 4 key believes of what are the most important things to get started with fly fishing.


1. Do you know what is the best way to learn any skill? (And obviously I speak especially about flyfishing here)

It is to have the motivation, to have the dream. My firm belief is that one big part of learning to flyfish is not the theory or casting practices or studying some materials. It’s setting your own fly-fishing related ‘Ultimate Dream Goal’.

That is the motivation that kicks you on and makes the learning fun and efficient!

Do you want to know what was one of my ultimate dream goals in fly-fishing, and how it felt when I finally achieved it?

[A spoiler alert: it felt pretty amazing!! =D One of the best fishing trips ever. And what happened after that? A new, bigger and bolder dream appeared. That’s the good part in fly fishing. Luckily you are never done!]

So what was this ultimate dream? For a long long time, it was to go fishing in the tropical waters and catch my first ever bonefish

You got to have the motivation. That’s the most important thing.

What is your motivation?