I got an interesting question asked from me. What is my ultimate truth? Do I have such? I started thinking, is there a fly-fishing related message. Message of the ultimate truth.

What if fly fishing was my ultimate truth?

How could it be, when I’m so careless and incompetent? Shouldn’t one whose “ultimate truth” is fly fishing, be head over heels into it? Have studied everything there is to it? Would be passionately going fishing every other day, if not each day of the week? Wouldn’t that person be at least pretty good at fly fishing?

I would think so.

But what am I then?

I’m the Sunday fly fisherman. The one that never remembers her knots or the name of the fly she’s using and answers “I think it was green” if you ask what kind of flyline I used at the specific fishing trip.

Yet, I feel like I have a message.

And it is that fly fishing is fun. It is FUN.

It is breathing in, listening the sounds and seeing colors and views and surroundings that are mesmerizingly beautiful. It is a lifestyle of nature, outdoors and beautiful dots on a trout.

So my message to you is nothing that will shake you. Nothing that will make you reborn with realization. It won’t shake you or make you laugh or cry or make you angry.

It’s just a simple note from one flyfisherman to the other.

Saying, that after all, fly fishing is fun.

PS. Any thoughts? Comment below =)

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Ashley Black

Beautiful! I want to try fly fishing!!! You gave me an EXPERIENCE with your words J

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Anni Yli-Lonttinen

Thanks Ashley, that’s so nice

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Julie Babin

Your message, or YOUR WHY (see Simon Sinek, Start With Why, video on You-Tube. People don’t buy what you do, they WHY YOU DO IT. People buy from who believe what you believe. You believe that being in nature, connecting with that deepest part of yourself, the natural surrounds, the animals, the fish, the art, the quite, the peace allows us to ESCAPE, to take a VACATION from our busy lives. to breath, to expericence stillness, etc etc, use your words. Point being what you do is really important. If someone goes and does what you have inspired them to do, then they come home in a happier more peaceful place. That will effect their relationship with their family and friends, help them to have more clarity at work, etc.

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Anni Yli-Lonttinen

Thank you. That was interesting video.  And thanks guys for commenting.