Over the weekend I had a chance to meet two lovely flyfisher-ladies when we went fishing together in Kainuu. The girls were really fun to hang out with, and it was interesting to meet them since earlier this year they took the Fly School with Anni online course, so it was interesting to hear some first hand feedback about the course. Plus it was super inspiring to see the enthusiasm and how eager they were to be out fishing and testing their new skills.

I had the Kynäkoski Rapids booked, which is a fly fishing only destination.

Later on the weekend I had “the regulars” with me.

flyfishing trout
Check out the weekend at Kynäkosket on the Episode 009:

Episode 009 of 10K Experiment – Fly Fishing Lessons

Hours 29 to 42 out of 10000. Fly-fishing at Kynäkosket Rapids in Kainuu, Finland


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