Interview of Ole Frithjof Rogowski by Anni Yli-Lonttinen

I love fly fishing because it takes me to places. Both physically and mentally. Places where I wouldn’t be able to go without it.

It means everything to me. I can’t stop thinking about the next fishing trip, dreaming about bigger fish, trying to tie the perfect fly. I really wouldn’t know what to do with my life if I wouldn’t be fly fishing.

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How did you learn fly fishing?

I took a casting class, but it was the first time at the water when I realized that fly fishing is so much more than casting. So I bought a couple of books and started studying. But since I’m more a learning by doing kind of guy, it didn’t take very long to get back to fishing and I figured out a new strategy: squeezing everybody I met at the water for every possible information. And I’m very happy that I can now pass on all the information to other people.

What was your first touch with fly fishing?

I have probably fished my entire life, but when I saw the movie “A river runs through” at the age of 17, I was blown away by the beauty of the fish and the graceful way of catching them.

My first try with a fly was in the tableland Hardangervidda in Norway. I didn’t catch anything, but realized I had a lot to learn…

Learning to fly fish

At the beginning I didn’t know anybody, so I was basically teaching myself. But when time passed I got to know more and more people and learned a lot from them. And in my opinion benefit from others experiences is actually the best way to learn fly fishing.

One of the greatest things about fly fishing also makes it sometimes difficult. It’s the diversity, there are so many things to know and the challenge is bringing it all together: Knowing your waters, what fish live in it, what they feed on, what insects are hatching at the moment, choosing the right fly, making the perfect cast and I could continue for hours.

But I’m always telling people that fly fishing is not difficult, you just have to do one step after the other!


What’s your favorite place and favorite fly?

So far the search for the perfect fish has brought me to a couple of places like Scandinavia, New Zealand and North America. They were all different and there was always something to like. So I don’t really have one favorite place, I like to mix it up.

What comes to the favorite fly, that’s got to be the Pheasant Tail Nymph. Because it always works!

Do you have a fly fishing related dream or goal?

Catching an eel on a dry fly.


Ole’s TOP 5 TIPS for Learning fly fishing:

  1. Fly fishing is not difficult; you just have to do one step after the other!
  2. Find somebody to help you get started.
  3. Be patient with yourself.
  4. If you fail, try again!
  5. Have fun!!!


Ole Frithjof Rogowski

Flyfishing guide from Germany

Age 31

Started fishing at the age of 3

Became nuts about fly fishing in 2002

Has fished Sweden, Norway, Denmark, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Austria, Slovenia and most of Germany (since 2002)

Master of sociology, politics and history 2012

Professional fly fishing guide since 2013



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