I’m in England! How funny life is.

In May I applied to an EU exchange program for new entrepreneurs. Then came summer, and fishing, and travels. And I almost kinda forgot about the whole thing. Then just two weeks ago the whole exchange got suddenly confirmed and here I am.

Arrived last night, and already had an interesting first day learning about fashion shows that enable local youth to learn and get active, how a charity functions as well as planning out some social media assignments.

But what does this all got to do with fishing?

No idea.

But I have a feeling.

You know how sometimes you just stumble upon something interesting, and it feels like it has got to do with something. So here I am, about to find out. At least I’m planning to explore everything flyfishing related that I can find.

And what my online research taught me today is that before selfies there were already fishies. (totally random and nothing to do with anything at all.)