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1987 Hossa / Finland

I learned to fly fish before I can remember.

It all happened by spending the summers in the wilderness with our family. Just by doing and enjoying. Testing, learning, casting, catching and falling in love with fly fishing in the unbelievable places around amazing fishing waters.

I think that is the Royal Way to learn fly fishing, and I’m so thankful for getting that experience as a youngster. If you don’t have the opportunity to go together with someone who lowers the entry barrier. Or if you and your fishing pals don’t have knowledge where to go for some seriously awesome fishing. Then I have cool news for you. I want to give you the same opportunity that I’ve had.


1991 Juutua / Finnish Lapland

Fly fishing has brought so much awesome into my life. That’s why I want to lower the entry barrier and show you how much fun fly fishing is!

What fly fishing means for me?

I was the only daughter growing up in a fly fishing family. We would go fishing and camping and hiking together. I liked it, but it was nothing special. Fly fishing has been a fun family thing since I can remember. Nothing too serious. And still today we keep going to these family trips every year. So I have had the chance to fish in some pretty amazing places around Scandinavia my whole life.

At 2008 something major changed. I went to a fly fishing trip alone in South-Africa.

That was a game changer.

I wanted to write about fly fishing and see my pictures and stories in the magazines in full color.

And I wanted to tell others how much fun fly fishing is.

Considering I had a dyslexia as a school kid and that I never was into cameras at all, nor was I ever very good at fly fishing itself, this might not be the first thing you would suspect from me. But five years after my first magazine article, I started my own company as a fly fishing blogger, author and a fly-fishing-online-entrepreneur. I have written for publications for over 7 years now, also abroad, and my first book is published on Amazon. I have had the chance to fly fish around the world in some exotic locations.

My style for sure is different than some of the pro fly fishermen. But I want to help those who want to learn fly fishing, have fun and get started right away.

I have something super-awesome planned, and I cannot wait to tell you more!


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1996 Tjuonajokk / Sweden

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