Learn flyfishing 2


This is a blog post series of my  4 key believes of what are the most important things to get started with fly fishing.

Because more people should have the chance to learn fly fishing!


2. The second one is the attitude, at least in my book. And in my book, the attitude is called hulahula fly fishing.

If you want to focus on fishing, having fun and not stressing if you know all the techniques perfectly or if you remember all the names of each fly and what exact insect it is imitating. If you want to get out to the nature, enjoy fishing and relax. And also catch some fish and get better eventually. But really just get to the good part right away!

Then Hulahula Flyfishing might be for you.

But what does it mean?

In my hulahula-mind the seriousness doesn’t play part in flyfishing. It means you go fishing, even if you don’t exactly know how. And the apologetic tone, like it’s a rule that everyone needs to be embarrassed that they are not better yet, and devote as much effort as possible to get better, doesn’t belong to the equation. It’s fine to be a novice and it’s fine to enjoy it.

Of course you want to be better at what you do eventually. Of course you want to improve, and at that point studying more about flyfishing can help. But I feel that I have such a strong urge to say: That the skill and the knowledge, they are not the main thing.

Living is. And fishing is.