Learn flyfishing 3

This is a blog post series of my  4 key believes of what are the most important things to get started with fly fishing.

Because more people should have the chance to learn fly fishing!

Part 3.

It’s not just soft mindset stuff, you need the hard facts as well.


Fly fishing is an art.

Both the good and the bad news is, that there is endless amount of things you can study and learn. So much so, that it can get overwhelming, if you don’t know where to start. And better yet, some people like to make it into a science, with the dedication, endless study and small details that vary all the time like nature, temperature, water levels, flies, conditions, target fish, geographics and plenty of more stuff to bury oneself in.

If this is the right place for you [my blog with other hulahula-minded fly-anglers ], you don’t exactly relate to all that. You probably admire these people. But what you really want is to CATCH your dream fish. And you want to enjoy fishing NOW, not after you have studied all the possible books and forums and endless theories.

Therefore, I’m creating a small check-list. This is the bare minimum that I have with me when I go fishing. My suggestion is, get or borrow these and get out to the waters.

Because when your fly is in the water, that’s where the magic happens!

And be warned, if you catch a fish, there might not be return. Soon you find yourself studying all that comes to this fine art. But before that, get yourself out, and get yourself infected with fly fishing. =)

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